The Three ‘W’s of Video

Video for your business is the most powerful tool at your disposal in your content marketing toolbox. When used effectively, video can engage and inform your viewer; building a stronger connection with your brand, improve your SEO, and convey your message effectively.

Every business can benefit from a well produced, quality video, but the key to that video working for you is all in asking the right questions before embarking on the production process.

First and foremost, the most important question to ask is: what is your goal? There are many reasons why you may be thinking of using video as part of your marketing strategy, but you need to decide what is the one most important thing you want this video to accomplish for you. Without a specific objective defined before the production process, it is unlikely that your video will work to accomplish that goal post-production.

After determining how you want your video to work for you, we need to know where will your video be seen. Although the principles of creating a professional video remain consistent among various platforms, the length, size, and call to action will vary based on where viewers are interacting with it.

Finally, you need to decide what scale of production is suited to your needs and budget. We are artists, and can produce work for you with varying degrees of ‘wow’ factor with: special tools, extra cameras at the shoot and the addition of animations, 3D effects, and customized graphics in post-production. Think of your video like a work of art, do you want it produced in crayon, watercolour, or hologram light installations?

Impact’s creative team is experienced in creating video tailored for websites, events, TV, social media, and digital signage. We take it upon ourselves to ask you the right questions to produce dynamic video that will work for your business, to accomplish its goal while fitting into your timeline and budget. We’d love to help you create an effective, engaging video for your business. Ask us how!

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